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Our CD has extensive libraries of in-depth instruction, including interactive lessons, worksheets, games and puzzles. Our multi-media curriculum engages students in self-paced learning through several modalities. Contents includes 168 in-depth lessons organized into instructional units. For each unit, there is a corresponding set of worksheets and puzzles. We also have a suite of unique learning games.

Get 300 Free Worksheets from Math Mammoth when you purchase the Math Goodies CD or Download!

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Our in-depth lessons are carefully crafted to make math meaningful to the student. Our lessons actively engage learners of all ages, and provide them with immediate feedback. Check out our screen shots below, or view our complete curriculum.

equivalent fractions



percent change

Get extra practice with our printable worksheets, designed for easy printing. Our worksheets are a great way to supplement our in-depth lessons. Students get plenty of extra practice with our resources, both on-screen and on paper!

place value chart

Our multi-media games are fun activities for learning specific math concepts. Each learning game is unique and engaging. Our complete suite of games are available only on CD.

  1. Circumference and Stringfactor tree game
  2. Decimal Dance
  3. The Factor Tree Game
  4. Fraction Goodies
  5. Geometry and a Shoebox
  6. Integer Football
  7. PEMDAS Goodies
  8. Percent Goodies
  9. Perimeter and String
  10. Probability Goodies


Our classroom activities and project ideas provide opportunities for hands-on learning, interdisciplinary projects, and career connections. Copy and paste our detailed learning objectives into your plan books!

Fun animation

Get 300 Free Worksheets from Math Mammoth when you purchase the Math Goodies CD or Download!