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Research shows students lose about two months of math skills during the summer, with low-income students, especially, at risk. Some schools have math packets to prevent the summer slide. But the packets get lost and so does the child's motivation. So what's the solution? Visit Math Goodies this summer! We have plenty of fun activities for kids, teachers, and adult learners. Use our goodies online or off line!

Retain Summer Skills With These Activities

  1. Review math topics with our self-paced lessons
  2. Practice math with our printable worksheets.
  3. Play our fun and engaging learning games.
  4. Improve your study skills with our articles and tips.
  5. Use our interactive calculators to check your work.
  6. Prepare for an upcoming math course.
  7. Go on a WebQuest to explore mathematics!

Traveling This Summer?

If you and your family plan to travel this summer, then the Math Goodies CD is the perfect solution. No matter where you go, your child can learn math without an Internet connection. Your child will be engaged in learning, instead of the infamous "Are we there yet?" If you prefer, get a file download of the contents of our CD for placement on your laptop, tablet or iPhone.

Teaching Math This Summer?

A School license to use our CD is the ideal choice for any summer program. Students can learn at their own pace, which is an important consideration for summer learners with varying skills! You'll love our affordable fees.

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