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April is Math Awareness Month

Math Awareness Month is held each year in April. The goal of MAM is to increase public awareness and understanding of mathematics. This year's theme is Mathematics and Internet Security.
Math plays an important role in several Internet applications including encryption (which facilitates secure online transactions), research on the propagation of computer viruses, and secure data storage. In plain English, this means that math plays a central role in Internet technology, making it possible for you to bank, shop and communicate online securely! We have listed MAM 2006 activities and resources for you below.

Online Activities and Resources for MAM 2006

  1. Read theme essays on current math applications.
  2. Read an article about Math in our daily lives!
  3. Take our anonymous MAM Poll.
  4. Find MAM Activities offered by other institutions.
  5. Post your MAM activities to our forums.
  6. Learn about MAM history and past themes here.

Off line Activities and Resources for MAM 2006

  1. Download and print the official theme poster for display at school or at home.
  2. Submit your MAM activities here.

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