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Area of a Parallelogram Unit 1 > Lesson 3 of 8 

The area of a polygon is the number of square units inside the polygon. Area is 2-dimensional like a carpet or an area rug.
A parallelogram is a 4-sided shape formed by two pairs of parallel lines. Opposite sides are equal in length and opposite angles are equal in measure. To find the area of a parallelogram, multiply the base by the height. The formula is: [IMAGE]
A = b x h  where b is the base, h is the height, and · means multiply.
The base and height of a parallelogram must be perpendicular. However, the lateral sides of a parallelogram are not perpendicular to the base. Thus, a dotted line is drawn to represent the height. Let's look at some examples involving the area of a parallelogram.

Example 1: Find the area of a parallelogram with a base of 12 centimeters and a height of 5 centimeters. [IMAGE]
Solution: A
  A = (12 cm) · (5 cm)
  A = 60 cm2

Example 2: Find the area of a parallelogram with a base of 7 inches and a height of 10 inches. [IMAGE]
Solution: A
  A = (7 in) · (10 in)
  A = 70 in2

Example 3: The area of a parallelogram is 24 square centimeters and the base is 4 centimeters. Find the height. [IMAGE]
Solution: A
  24 cm2 = (4 cm) · h
  24 cm2 ÷ (4 cm) = h
  h = 6 cm

Summary: Given the base and height of a parallelogram, we can find the area. Given the area of a parallelogram and either the base or the height, we can find the missing dimension. The formula for area of a parallelogram is: [IMAGE]
  A  where b is the base, h is the height, and · means multiply.


Directions: Read each question below. Click once in an ANSWER BOX and type in your answer; then click ENTER. Your answers should be given as whole numbers greater than zero. After you click ENTER, a message will appear in the RESULTS BOX to indicate whether your answer is correct or incorrect. To start over, click CLEAR.

1. Find the area of a parallelogram with a base of 8 feet and a height of 3 feet.
ANSWER BOX:  A = ft2


2. Find the area of a parallelogram with a base of 4 meters and a height of 9 meters.


3. The area of a parallelogram is 64 square inches and the height is 16 inches. Find the base.
ANSWER BOX:  b = in


4. A parallelogram has an area of 54 square centimeters and a base of 6 centimeters. Find the height.
ANSWER BOX:  h = cm


5. A parallelogram-shaped garden has an area of 42 square yards and a height of 6 yards. Find the base.
ANSWER BOX:  b = yd


This lesson is by Gisele Glosser. You can find me on Google.

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