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Our math homework community was created in 1999. Students can post specific math homework problems that they need help with. Volunteer educators from around the world guide students with solving these problems. Be sure to read our rules before you post.

Posting Rules

You must be 13 years of age or over to use our homework forums.
Your registration must be approved to post messages. You can hide your email address and still receive email notification of replies to your posts.
Inactive accounts will be deleted after 14 days, so be sure to login with each visit.
Use your first name only. Do not include your e-mail address in your posts.
Try your homework on your own first. We will not do your assignment for you.
Use our search facility to see if your problem has already been answered.
Include an actual problem from your homework, and instructions on how it is to be solved. Tell us what you have done so far and where you are stuck.
Subscribe only to your topic to receive email notification of replies to your posts.
Any link included in a message must be highly relevant to the original question posted.
Post your question once and wait for a reply. This could take a few minutes, hours, or even days. Remember that volunteers are answering questions.

I am ready for assistance with my homework!
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