This page provides classroom activities and projects ideas for Unit 4.

Interdisciplinary Classroom Activity

Math and Writing:

When students answer open-ended questions in writing, they learn to express mathematical ideas in written form. Expressing mathematical ideas in written form is a valuable skill. It also provides teachers with an assessment of students' mathematical thinking. Furthermore, standardized math tests often call for written explanations. Have students answer several open-ended questions using full sentences.

The activity below can be used as an informal assessment tool. It can also be turned into an interdisciplinary project: The math teacher can grade students based on the mathematical correctness of their responses. The Language Arts or English teacher can grade them on spelling and grammar. Some sample questions are provided below.

1. Is 25% of 80 the same as 80% of 25? Explain why or why not using full sentences.
2. If  = 12.5%, then use mental math to find . Explain how you got your answer.
3. Is 65% a number between 0 and 1? Explain why or why not using full sentences.

Project Ideas

Interdisciplinary Project:
Math and Sports
Students can compute the percent win-loss of games played by their favorite sports teams. They can find data on teams in their school or for professional teams in the media and online. You can bring this activity into the computer lab by placing all the data in a spreadsheet: Students can create an Excel formula to compute the percent win-loss
Real World Connections

Students can search magazines and newspapers to find incorrect uses of percent by the media. For example, political polls and surveys commonly include incorrect or inaccurate information. Students can also go on a webquest to find how percentages are used incorrectly. One good place to start is The Glossary of Math Mistakes, a site dedicated to the listing of mathematical mistakes made over and over by advertisers, the media, reporters, politicians, activists, and in general many non-math people.

Web Quest: Have students explore how percent is used in daily life with our WebQuest on this topic.

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