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Flash Ad Options

Math Goodies offers the latest in advertising technologies including all types of display ads. We can serve your Rich Media, GIF image or Flash ads. For Flash ads, we offer two set-up options. The ad coding we do will depend on which option you choose.
We can set up your Flash ad to...
  1. detect whether or not flash is installed on the visitor's computer. If flash is not installed, an image ad can be served instead.
  2. prompt the visitor to download flash (if it is not already installed on their computer).
We recommend the first option since it is more friendly to the small number of visitors with older browsers. Accordingly, we will need an alternate image in GIF format.

When creating a Flash ad for, you must program it so that the target URL is passed dynamically. For information on performing this step, click here. Following these instructions enables us to track both clicks and impressions for your campaigns in real-time.

All creatives should have a maximum file size of 30k. Contact us if you have any questions.

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